Playing in the dark


Top Speed is the name of the first game of the Playing in the dark team. It is a racing game based on sound. Like any racing game it's goal is to reach the finishline as fast as possible without crashing. The game will run on virtually any computer running Windows 98 or later. It does however require DirectX 8.1 or later. DirectX 8.1 comes with Windows XP, but if you are running an earlier version of Windows and haven't got it yet, you can download it for free from the Microsoft website at
The game contains following features :

  • choose between two racecars or two motorcycles
  • choose between 8 racetracks
  • or select one of the 4 streetadventures containing different roadsurfaces, sounds and weather effects
  • choose between automatic or manual transmission
  • maintain your track records and compare them with others
  • self-voicing : no screenreader required
  • it's just fun!

You can download the English version 1.1a or one of the language packs from our download page.

If you have any questions or remarks you can contact us at